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The Gaza Bombardment toll is:
  • Dead: over 1,300 Palestinians (410 children & 104 women); 13 Israelis (3 civilians; 4 from friendly fire).
  • Wounded: 5,300 Palestinians, perhaps many more (half civilians).
  • Gaza infrastructure demolished (roads, utilities, medical system, education system, government buildings, etc.).
  • Gaza housing stock heavily demolished. According to the U.N., before the bombardment, Gaza had 164,6345 housing units.
    Of those:
         4,247 (2.6%) were completely demolished.
         6,261 (3.8%) were completely seriously damaged.
         8,501 (5.2%) were completely moderatly damaged.
         29,544 (17.9%) had minor damaged.
         116,082 (70.33%) were undamaged.
    The first three catagories - 19,009 units (11.5%) - are not fit for habitation. That suggests that almost 175,000 people lost their homes.
  • Cost of rebuilding: $2 billion or more.
  • Add UN census of demolished housing.
  • Siege continues.

    Cease-Fire Situation - At present there are two independent, unilateral cease-fires, one by Israel and one by Hamas. Egypt is the prime actor attempting tonegotiate a one-year cease-fire. These efforts are being undermined by continual cease-fire violations, disunity among Palestinians, and Israel's reluctance to open the crossings.

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